Wohngebiet – die Geschichte

Ein RC-Pilot auf abgelegener Wiese, angesprochen von einer älteren Spaziergängerin, erlebt im Oktober 2017 diese Szene:

Der Clip rennt durch die RC-Szene und wird gefeiert, viele Piloten hatten bereits solche Begegnungen. Die ersten Remixe & Fotomontagen entstehen:

Audio MP3 Wohngebiet! bitte was?

Wohngebiet Montagen:

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ZMR 250 V3 FPV

Clean Perspectives 2016
A week of workshops, cluster artists residency and events dedicated to alternative living, environmental awareness and a free creative flow.

Join us and take a Clean Perspective on your life with a clean mind. Through arts, culture and science, we aim to explore new methods and alternatives for a better living.

We contribute to a sustainable future. A future characterized by respect towards oneself, others, and the collective environment.

Fuerteventura reconnects us with the natural rhythms of the desert, the volcanoes, the ocean and the sun. The island is an ideal ground for the Clean Perspective workshops, connecting with the local community.

Headquarter: http://www.clean-perspectives.com

Solarworkshop: http://www.solarfestival.de

Copter-Setup: ZMR 250 V3 quadrocopter, NAZE32 flight controller (Cleanflight), 2204 2300KV motors, LiPo battery Tattu 45C 1800mAh 4S 14,8V, Hawkey Firefly Q6 cam (Firmware 2.3) and a Foxeer 5,8 GHz FPV transmitter (25mW) by http://chill-o-copter.seedexplosion.de/

Soundtrack: Sound Council Premier (San Miguel) & Live

ZMR 250 V3 first FPV-flight